Apple iPad Crash, No Photo

I’ve had Zwift crash on my iPad Pro Gen 5 with latest iOS and app updates 3 times. First two times may have been the known issue of taking a photo using the companion app but today in Stage 5 Makuri 40 Zwift crashed within the first 5 minutes. Please fix the crashing of the Zwift app.

I am using an iPad with no issues. The crashes might be local to your setup, as opposed to Zwift issues. Are you force-quitting Zwift after each use?

Yes I do force-quit after each ride. Does that matter? Just because you aren’t crashing doesn’t mean others aren’t experiencing it. Like I said 3 times since the latest update and added map. Not once had my setup failed in the last 4 years before this…

It can matter. For reasons I don’t understand a force quit seems to resolve myriad issues. But if you are doing that already there must be something else going on. Have you tried uninstalling and then re-installing the Zwift app? Sometimes even just powering down the iPad and restarting after a minute, or so, can correct things.

Hopefully someone else has a better solution than me.

Could it have been an automatic screenshot that was taken by the app, e.g. due to an achievement that popped up on the screen?

Good point, I have no idea how I could check that as the freeze doesn’t allow me to save or see any automatically taken photos.
I’ll try Uninstalling and Reinstalling the app as I am looking forward to a nice longer ride today through the islands.
I’ll update this post if another Zwift app crash happens.

Another question: Are the crashes completely random, or are they always at/near the same spot in the same world?

Completely random across at least both Makuri and France.

I’m gonna ride the same route as before in 15 mins so I’ll let you know how it goes. I reinstalled the iPad app and restarted the iPad.

App froze again. 0:05:03 into the ride. Sent Fit files and In Progress file to HQ

Hi, I’m having the same issue, been using my old ipad pro with no problems. Just got a new ipad pro and now having issues with the game randomly freezing. It happened three times the first ride (early last week). I ran all the updates for the O.S. and had a couple freeze-free rides. Today it froze up twice.

I’m reinstalling the app, we’ll see what happens next ride.

Has yours been working? what did you do to fix it?

Any update on this? I had IPad Pro 2 crash last night. In the middle of a race there was just suddenly no zwift! Then it hung when I tried to restart, so I quit the app again, and tried again. It started up, I got the option to rejoin my activity, but it didn’t rejoin me to the race, only the course the race was on. This hasn’t happened to me before - the iPad Pro has always been a super reliable way of zwifting for me!

I haven’t yet updated to ios16. Maybe I should… ?

See Zwift Crash "Apple" After screenshot - #65

I did all the usual things, delete/reinstall/restart/update and repeat. I haven’t had another issue and of course hope not to (fingers crossed). Hopefully the fix coming for the Companion Screenshot crash stabilizes the system better than Hope.

Thanks Steve, hopefully it fixes all the random crashes for those not using Companion app to take photos too.