Anyone experiencing app crash/reset on iPad?

Twice now my iPad (current iOS) has reset in the middle of a Zwift ride. It hasn’t exhibited that behavior with any other app, so assuming something about Zwift is causing it to crash. Anyone else experiencing this?

When you say:

what exact behaviour is this? Literally shutting down and restarting the entire device, or the Zwift app crashing?

What exact model iPad do you have and what other apps are running in the background while you are riding on Zwift?

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I’ve had this issues when running Zwift on my iPhone 7s. It kicks me out and switches to the Home Screen.

I find that powering off and on again does the trick for a while. May be a caching issue (with Zwift - like you, I’ve had no problems with other apps)

Could it be the iPad overheating?

Thanks for all the answers. To respond to the questions, it’s an 10.5” iPad Pro running iOS 15.3.1. It’s getting a little old (4 years, maybe?), but never exhibited any behavior that I’d attribute to overheating (and I’ve been running Zwift daily for the past six months without this problem occurring). Re: the specific behavior, it’s not an app crash - the iPad completely resets (shuts down and restarts) without warning. I deleted and reinstalled the app after the first time, but that didn’t fix the problem.

That’s why I suspect overheating. Could be an aging solder joint that now needs to be less hot to fail (as it expands).

Try a fan blowing on the iPad to see if that makes any difference.

Hmm, OK, thanks. Does the Zwift app put a particularly high load on the processor? I ask because I don’t get this behavior with other apps, including streaming apps for the trainer (such as Tacx Trainer and FulGaz).

I don’t know for sure, but I would have thought it would put a higher load on the system than an app that uses video scenery, because it has to render all that scenery itself rather than just decode it from a video file.

I’ll give a fan a try - thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve had multiple crashes when editing a workout on the iPad Pro (M1). very repeatable and ended up just creating a new workout. this is with the build that is current at date of this post.

Hi Carl @mercat68

It looks like you’ve had some very helpful suggestions and input from the Zwift community on this issue already.

To add to what was said, I’m curious if you’ve got the iPad plugged in and charging while using Zwift. If so, I’ve noticed that iOS devices sometimes tend to run a bit hot (literally more heat) when plugged in and charging while actively using apps.

Also, if you’ve got the brightness of your screen turned all the way up, that’ll generate more heat as well.

These are fairly common things that can lead to the iPad overheating, and then shutting down to protect itself, especially if it’s an older device that’s seen a lot of use over the years.

Pointing a fan at the iPad is a good idea, and make sure it has plenty of ventilation. If the iPad is wrapped in a tight case that really traps the heat, that likely isn’t doing you any favors. If it’s plugged in and charging while using Zwift, try unplugging it, use it on battery power for a while, and only plug it back in if the battery starts to get low.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Steven, I appreciate the thorough response. No, it’s almost never plugged in/charging as I’m using it (and the few times it has been, it did not exhibit this problem). Also, the brightness is never maxed out - just set for auto-brightness. It is in a keyboard case that covers the back of the device when I’m running Zwift. I’ll remove that when using it and see if that helps - I suppose it could trap heat. Thanks.

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Hi @n_eed_massage Wobbly,

While your issue sounds like an app crash, it’s perhaps unrelated to the issue largely discussed in this Forums thread.

I briefly searched, but I didn’t find any known issues having to do with app crashes on iOS when editing workouts. Our team will likely need to investigate this issue further, so if you could please send us a support request, we’re happy to help!

You can reach us here.

I just wanted to chime in and say I am having the problem. IPad Pro second gen with latest OS update. Lost data 3 times in the last month which is super frustrating. The iPad just reboots unexpectedly usually near the end of the ride. Maybe this has something to do with delayed update being installed?

Hi Todd @Todd_Crisafulli

Welcome to the Forums!

From what you’ve explained, it sounds like your entire iPad is shutting off or restarting unexpectedly while you’re using Zwift? Or do you mean to say that it’s just the Zwift app that closes (e.g. crashes) towards the end of your rides? Can you confirm one way or the other?

It’s hard to say if some (delayed?) update you recently installed is responsible, but we’d have to monitor that for any trends (none of which I’m currently aware of). What update did you install? Do you mean a Zwift app update or an Apple iOS security update?

If the whole iPad is shutting off or restarting, that’s not an issue with Zwift, in which case it sounds like maybe your iPad is overheating and then shutting off to protect itself. Apple published an article with more info about this.

If it’s just Zwift itself crashing, then I’d suggest that you contact our support team via chat or email and we’ll be happy to help you. You can reach us here.