Zwift crashes on iPad Pro 11

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is somebody who was able to solve iPad crashes. The iPad Pro is rather new model (MTXN2FD/A) with 47GB of free space and it crashes randomly shortly after start (10s - 120s) no matter what I do.

He are 2 images after the crashes:

Here is list of things I’ve already tried without success:

  • erase completely the iPad and start as new device
  • new zwift account
  • change iPad and Zwift to diferent languages: EN, DE, CZ
  • full battery
  • plug iPad to a power source (power bank)
  • turn bluetooth off completely to eliminate possible Kickr/BT issues and just watch somebody else (crashes as well!!)

As you can imagine I’ve spend several hours debuging the issue and I’m quite frustrated at this point.

Hopefully there might be somebody else who went through this. Thanks a lot!

Yikes. Looks like this, but a lot worse: My Apple TV has hung

Well, at least I know I’m not alone. Thanks Dave for reply, I’ll watch closely the main thread now.

Cheers again.

Faulty iPad perhaps? That seems very odd, and different from the Apple TV issue which is only in one in-game location.

Zwift is the only app that crashes. TR, Rouvy, FullGaz, Netflix (20+ other apps) have no issues. This is clearly Zwift issue.

In all honesty Zwift is also the only 3D game in the list and require a very stable platform.

Hi Gerrie,

this was actually valid though. I dig deeper and today I tried group ride on RGT. Oh my, this was something else. I probably won’t use Zwift anymore. It turned out RGT is actually better, great fun and it worked without any issues. I’m positive this is Zwift issue (memory leak or similar). It’s sad but those long awaited fixes (based on other threads here) means loosing users for Zwift. Sorted…