Zwift not picking up HR monitor since update

Hi folks, having some issues with my equipment. I have a Neo 2 and a TacX HR monitor but this week i’m having connection issues, on every start up I have to forget my Bluetooth connections as it wont pick up my Neo as cadence sensor. I also have to forget my HR connection then start it again, it will then pick it up but say no signal constantly so I get no readings. This has been going on for week has there been some sort of update in this time ? any help will be apprieciated


My Tickr wasn’t working so I have switched to a 4iiii HRM that I own. It seems to be working fine.

Replace the battery from your HRM.

Cheers guys for the replies, but I have changed the battery so I can rule that out

Did you reset the Tickr. Recently my wife’s HRM wasn’t working and I did the reset by reversing the battery for 3 seconds and it did the trick.

Thanks i’ll try that when i’m next on

It’s pretty simple. From Wahoo Tickr troubleshooting page.

  • Reset the TICKR -

    1. Remove the battery
    2. Flip the battery upside down and reinstall
    3. Leave battery installed upside down for 3 seconds
    4. Remove the battery and reinstall correctly
    5. Replace the battery cover

Thanks guys this issue is now sorted.

Forgot all bluetooth connections
reset HR monitor
replaced battery

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