Zwift not detecting Runn speed

I’ve been using the zwift runn for a while and always seem to have issues with it detecting speed via Bluetooth, even though ANT+ is detecting speed and if i pair to the runn directly, i can see it is detecting speed. So the issue seems to be between zwift and the runn, not the runn itself as it is broadcasting fine.

Has anyone experienced this issue and how did you correct? Any advice is appreciated.

Hi @John_Hoy_LRC, welcome to Forums. It’s Juan from Zwift. Thanks for sharing your concern here to get suggestions form our community.

Have you calibrated it with the Runn app and updated the firmware? Assuming so, occasionally, you should use the app to reboot the Runn to get it to work right. I’d like to share this article with you, so you can check if you are not missing something.

I have a couple of suggestions for you. You can check out this thread for community support or contact us to dig deeper into your game logs. My colleagues will be happy to help.