Zwift no longer sees my Wahoo Kickr Snap

I have been using Zwift for 3 years with the same set-up. A Wahoo Kickr Snap connecting to Zwift through Bluetooth. It has been seamless from day one. Suddenly Zwith no longer sees my Kickr Snap. I have made no changes to my set-up. The Snap does connect to the Wahoo app and I was able to perform the spin down recommended in the Zwift Support pages. Has anyone had the same issue that can explain to me haw I can fix this problem in layman’s terms?

What are you using to run Zwift? Direct to AppleTV? The companion app to a device? Directly to a computer?

I’ve sometimes had trouble when switching connection methods (either intentionally or accidentally). The solution has been to shut down/unplug everything and restart.

I am connected via Bluetooth through an iPad. As a test, I downloaded the BKOOL bicycle app today and it connected seamlessly to my Kickr Snap through my iPad and operated perfectly. And it works seamless with the Wahoo app. So everything tells me the problem is with Zwift.

Try this

Thanks, but unfortunately that box is already checked.

Do you have an iPhone? Might be interesting to download Zwift and see if it works that way.

I do have an iPhone and it is already downloaded on it. Always has been. I have never tried to use it on my phone though. I might try to remove it from my phone to see if that works.

I was suggesting you try to run it on your phone - to narrow down the issue to the iPad.

Like I said he BKOOL app worked fine on my iPad so I do not think the iPad is the problem. That being said, I will try to run it on my phone and if it works, block the Bluetooth connection on my phone to see if that has been interfering. This is a suggestion from my local Zwift users group.

I am having the same problem.

Kickr snap connects to the wahoo app but not to zwift. Any fixes yet?

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Same here. Tried my iPhone and both very briefly connect, but then in the app they say “no signal”.

My wahoo kickr works perfectly well via apple TV. The Snap (which is standing right next to the kickr) connects for a split second and then disconnects. It only works if connected via the Companion app.

I posted a thread of possible relevance:

Note: The title is tongue in cheek - I was the dummy in that thread. Don’t be like me. TL;DR: “Give all your devices amnesia.” Ensure they are UNPAIRED and FORGET the trainer - I mean everything - computers, smart phones, apps, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. The “Nuke it from orbit - it’s the only way to be sure” solution. This includes the AppleTV Settings (not Zwift, the ATV settings) - check for the trainer in the list of bluetooth devices and remove it if it’s there.

Last resort: factory reset the AppleTV, set everything up again from scratch.