Zwift nightmare

Hello fellow zwifters.

I recently wanted to try Zwift with a smart trainer and I got 3 scenario’s.

  1. Laptop from work, ZL01 error on launch, with and without VPN (multiple countries)
  2. I got a desktop on the same network, launches but crashes after 1 minute. I got a ultrawide screen but I’ve set the refreshrate to 60, lowered resolution to 12xx-xxxx and it was not full screen.
  3. A simple android phone on the same wifi, works like a charm.

This setup has been an absolute ■■■■ and I did not purchase all to hold my phone while riding.
I hope there is someone out there who can help me (and many others) with this issues.

Profile - Dave_ZPCMR - Zwift Forums to the white courtesy phone please…

You could also get on the Zwift PC Facebook page for useful help.

On your laptop, it could be anti-virus software stopping it running. If disabling AV doesn’t help, try reinstalling Zwift on it.

On the desktop, what sort of GPU has it got?

Reinstalling does not work.

The desktop has a RTX 2070 super with all drivers updated.

It is not uncommon for laptops provided for work purposes to be restricted from downloading/ using apps like Zwift.

Has it ever worked on this laptop? Has the system been updated recently?

If it is a laptop provided by your employer it could be that it is set up to not allow the kind of web connection needed to login and start the app (hence the crash on launch) and the presence or otherwise of the VPN would be irrelevant.

Kind of like how my school laptop prevents me from accessing virtual training sessions provided by one of the exam boards, but my personal laptop works fine.