Zwift Mobile app on Lenovo YogaBook Android with updates

Tablet : Lenovo YB1-X90L, Android 7.1.1
Trainer : Elite Direto
Heartrate Bluetooth sensor : Geonuate

I am using the above to test the Zwift Mobile App. However, I am unable to test further as I have the following issues.

  1. My power source trainer and heartrate sensor cannot be detect via Bluetooth.

  2. I am seeing red screen and sometimes black screen when viewing only.

  3. Also having static noise every now and then.

Appreciate your recommendations to solve the problems.


Just an update that I had no issue using the same tablet with the same sensor and trainer via My E Training App.


Today, i put my tablet to airplane mode and try. It managed to detect my trainer and subsequently my heart monitor. Did a 1km ride test with red color screen throughtout with occasional black screen.

I also noticed that my 1km test ride did not save or upload to my garmin connect or strava…
I did select save ride.

Plus also i had problem exiting the app after i saved the ride.

Update 2

Just did another test today. Noticed that everytime u want to zwift with Android app, need to turned the bluetooth off first, start the Zwift app then start the bluetooth. Else the app just cant detect anything.

I also managed to see my saved ride this time and my strava upload direct now. To do this, u have to leave the app on for a while until u see your ride had shown up in your Zwift Companion, then forced shut down the app. Why forced shut down is becos i cant shut down or exit the app normally. Dunno why.

Finally after so many months, the Android beta version is working well on Lenovo YogaBook in terms of proper color graphic. No more black or red screen. However, it does hanged 2 times during my ride with 1st hang the session was lost. 2nd hang, it did continued from the distance it hanged but i was teleported elsewhere. I almost gave up on testing anymore… Lets hope it will get better for the yogabook… Not worst.