Zwift Android Beta Release: 1.0.32984

Hey Zwifters!

We’ve released a new update for the Android Beta version of Zwift. Here is the changelog:

  • MiniMap Flicker fixed when riding Alpe du Zwift
  • Resume Activity works after swipe-closing the app
  • Log-in process optimized for better performance
  • Jungle Circuit is now the default route after level 10 is reached
  • World Select added
  • AutoRotate fixes, including Pixel C
  • Black 3D graphics bug fixed for various Adreno GPUs
  • Load screen now animates with a Z
  • BLE re-worked to reduce drop-outs.
  • Speed Sensor Trainer icons now display properly

Known Issues:
ERG Mode/Resistance issues on various Tacx trainers

If you are experiencing trouble or complications with the Android Beta please send a support conversation to our support team:

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Hello, before i had a black screen now everything works fine.

I found one bug when riding.
When i take a picture (photo camera) my power sensor drops to zero for 10 seconds. My heartbeat sensor i have to repair manually because it won’t repair automatically after the 10 seconds when my elite derito is back in power.

It happens everytime when i take a photo.

Thanks for the new version it is compatible with the medion P10610 tablet android 8.0

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That’s peculiar :thinking: I’ll forward this info over so we can test it out. Is it always 10 seconds? And do all of your devices drop to zero/unpair?

Yes, all my devices (my elite derito and my bluetooth heart belt) fell to zero. it was 7 seconds to be correct. My heart belt i’ve paired manually after 45 seconds.

If you would like to have the tcx file i can send it to you.

I will test it again this week to see of it was an one time failure.

Thanks for the details! Can you send us your log files through a support convo instead?

Support Conversation:
How to find log files:

The link shows how to find log files for Mac, PC, and IOS cycling files. How do you find them for Android running files? Thanks.

Hey Keith, sorry for the delayed response! To find logs on Android triple tap the Zwift logo at the start screen. Similar to iOS. :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to say thanks as my Lenovo Tab4 plus10 is now working perfectly with no black 3D graphics screen. Am a happy tablet Zwifter now :grin:

While Zwift runs fine on my Pixel 3, the screen is way too small.

These days, a lot of folks are buying Pixelbooks (or other convertible Chromebooks) instead of Android tablets.

Can we have support for Google Pixelbook? It runs Android Pie and has a tablet form factor. Its Intel graphics card should be pretty awesome for Zwift!

I tried v1.0.32984 world swapping update on my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. Zwift would not change resistance on my gen 1 Kickr, nor could it complete a spin down. Everything else seemed to work fine.

I have 1.0.33271-the latest version and my gen1kickr now not changing resistance. Previous android version was fine. Bit cheesed off now😤

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I am running Zwift ride app on a Samsung Galaxy S9 with no screen sharing - - just using the phone.

I had the same issue in Innsbruck with my power dropping to zero for several seconds after taking a picture. It came back on its own. (I don’t use a HR or cadence monitor, so no feedback there.) Other then that, Innsbruck worked great. Image rendering and sounds were spot on, and no lagging anywhere.

I also rode in Watopia, Road to Ruins. The only issue was in the down ramp to the first tunnel, there was green pixelation horizontally across the screen. It went away once I was fully inside the tunnel.

Great job so far, guys!

Wow. This is a really long beta! :grinning:

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