Zwift Membership Pending - Avatar not moving

I signed up for Zwift yesterday but my avatar will not move in the game and my membership is still pending in my profile.

I originally signed up with PayPal. Looking at problems online, I was told to contact PayPal.
They informed me that were blocking the payment from going through.

I then changed the payment option to my credit card.
Again, Zwift wouldn’t work and my membership is still pending.

I’m trying to run Zwift on iPad and again looking online, I seen that I have to subscribe to a monthly subscription.

I am unable to see this option within any of the Zwift or Zwift companion apps.

Another option is to purchase a Gift Card and and enter the code Here: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

You might want to submit a support ticket first though: Contact Us

Hi Paul_Allen, thanks for the help.

I logged a ticket yesterday, I might cancel my membership and use the Gift Card option.

Hi Jason,

Curious to see if that got solved for you. I have the exact same issue!


Me too same issue!

Same issue here, did someone know why it is set to pending?

Well, I guess I’m glad I’m not alone in this issue. I joined on October 3rd. Free trial not started and account remains pending. My avatar does at least move. Has there been any response from Zwift to others on this matter? I’m about to put in a ticket myself.