Trouble activating membership after free 25KM

I downloaded the iPad app, created the account, hooked everything up to my Kickr and successfully rode the free 25km. After that I activated my Zwift membership via the iPad app. However, the status of my membership still shows as “trial” and I can’t get my avatar to move. I’ve logged a ticket with Zwift Support but haven’t had a response yet. Any suggestions?

Did you buy the membership through the Apple App Store or online at If through Apple you can try “restoring my purchases”. I had this happen once as I pay through Apple and after that I was able to ride again.

HI Daniel, tried this now but still no luck. Hoping Zwift Support comes back to me with an answer soon.

Hmmm… that’s weird. And you did get a receipt from Apple confirming the purchase and/or it shows a payment in your profile on the App Store?

If so, hopefully Zwift support can get this taken care of for you quickly.