Zwift membership pending - unable to ride

Two weeks ago I signed up for Zwift Unlimited, starting with a free trial. Under billing in my profile it says:

Zwift Unlimited (Pending) Free trial not started

I’ve raised a ticket with Zwift, but had no response. I’ve tried changing my payment details, still no luck. When I load up a ride my avatar doesn’t move - which I’ve heard can happen if your profile is incomplete.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get riding? I’ve checked in on my ticket for an updated (after a week), but not heard back - and I can’t find any solutions in this forum or elsewhere online.

Any and all help much appreciated.

Hi @Zac_Bull welcome to Zwift forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Your membership is active, so it’s not that.

Your avatar will not move if your speed or power sensor is not paired to the game app. The last time I see a speed sensor connected is April 10. Looks like you have Coospo BK8A, is that right?

Please make sure that the battery is fresh. This is a common source of problems.

Sensors of this type are sensitive to how it’s installed on the bike’s chainstay. Making sure the wheel magnet passes closely to the pickup. If the gap between the pickup and the wheel magnet is too far, it won’t read your speed. Please confirm the installation with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Lastly - if you ride outdoors with this sensor paired to a bike computer - please make sure that computer is powered off while Zwifting indoors. Bluetooth sensors can only pair to one device at a time.