Zwift lost all my achievements (Level XP, Drops, Evo Disc bike, Movember jersey and progress) from the day before

iOS vs PC sync causing issues or recent update problem.

I was running Zwift on iPad two days ago. Ended the session, however did not manually close the app as there is no real exit functionality.
Meanwhile I rode using my PC setup and completed some Movember parts, bought the new Evo Disc Bike etc…
Yesterday I realized still the open session (Zwift start screen) on Ipad. I exited manually. This morning running Zwift on PC I all my achievements were gone, also the new bike was gone. PC Zwift seems to synced with iOS Zwift from some days ago and ignored all workouts and actions done in between.

I have the same problem i Think. I showed zwift to my workmates on a ipad i dont usually ride on. Use Apple TV. And Many things was lost. And after that nothing works. Climbs, distance etc dont registrer propertly. And zwift support are no help Sadly.

Zwift Support is looking into it — seems to be sync issues between iOS and PC when you use both. I used iOS with just to login and watch and I did not completely close the app on my iPAD. Already this can cause issues. :roll_eyes:

They told me that teir 2 What that is are going to contact me. But they cant help with all that is missing? I just want them to calculate what i have on my account right. I have showed them all that is missing but they are not interested. If it would work now i Could have given it up. But everything new calculates wrong. You pay for something you dont get