Tour de Zwift Stage 3 completed but not registering

Not sure what happened, but I completed the Stage 3 Tour de Zwift on Wednesday this week, but it doesn’t appear to have registered correctly. Early in the race I ended up being the only rider visible on screen (connection failure perhaps?), which was annoying but I just continued on and finished.

The ride also correctly uploaded to Strava, so I can only assume that its registered as a stand-alone ride and not part of the tour. Can this be fixed and any idea what might have gone wrong?

HI @Ian_Clark3 welcome to Zwift forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked into your activity history on the server end. The main cause of problem I see in your case is that you have multiple instances of the Zwift game app logged in simultaneously. There’s a Windows computer, an iPhone12, iPhone10, and an iPad6 all logged in to your account. Why so many things?

Concurrent logins cause all kinds of problems like event credit not awarding correctly. To be sure this can’t happen - uninstall the Zwift game app from every device except the one you actually use to ride.

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That would explain it - I recently switched to Windows but didn’t realise there was an issue with multiple platforms. I’ll revert back to the iPAD as it’s definitely been reliable. I only ever use the phone to check stuff when not Zwifting.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Even with using the iPad you should not have Zwift open on multiple devices.