Events Disappeared on iPad app

Hey Zwifters

I’ve noticed that all events got disappeared on my iPad app.

I am still in my test trial.

on the PC i can see the events though.

any idea what is happening?



I believe we’re going to have an iOS update out really soon. Would you mind logging out of both your iOS and Windows copies of Zwift and trying to log into your iPad one more time?

I’m wondering if the reason why events aren’t displaying on iOS is either because your internet connection was acting up on login or because you may have been signed into your account from your Windows PC at the same time.

If you still can’t see events on the start screen after logging out and logging back in, please let me know.

Thank you for sending in an email ticket. Please keep up with us there. I have a co-worker looking into possible causes but if we can’t resolve the problem with troubleshooting, we’ll gladly involve our Tier 3 team to research possible game issues.

Thanks David.

I just updated the iOS app, and the issue is still there.

looking for your updates on this.


I just subscribed to the program and the events came back  :slight_smile:

I guess its something to do with the free trial on the iOS app.

I’m off to ride with Jan   :)

You got it! If you’ve downloaded Zwift from iTunes and reached the end of the provided free 25 kilometers worth of riding before adding a membership, the events window will disappear along with the ability to ride. Sorry about any unintended confusion, though!