Zwift locked up on ipad air 24th Jan 6.30 GMT

I was 30mins into the Zwift workout mode and it all froze. I tried restarting a few times and I could log in but as soon as I continued my ride it froze again. I checked internet connection and other apps and there was no issues. I am hoping it will work again tonight. I am using Zwift on a ipad air 1 and a tacx Bushido. I also have a Wahoo heart rate monitor. I have only had two other issues since I have been testing Zwift, my last workout saved to Zwift but didn’t get uploaded to Strava, I did this manually and I have had another workout fail to save. I’ve been using Zwift 3-4 times a week since the new year.

Sorry for the problem - we’re on it.  I think we’ve narrowed down the problem to doing workouts on the volcano routes.   We’ll have the problem fixed hopefully by the next time Watopia rolls around this weekend.

The good news is it should work fine on Richmond and London over the next few days.

great thanks :slight_smile:

Tried another workout tonight and had same problem, it crashed after 1 hour 20 mins.