Freezing problems

 I have read other treads about people having problems when Zwift freezes. I just started riding Zwift for 14 days ago and I´m having problems all the time. No matter what workout I´m riding zwift freezes for 2-3 minutes and then goes on again. I’m using a simple I pad air and a Stages power meter with an old Tacx trainer.

Does anyone know anything about what to do about this?? :frowning:



We recently released an update that should fix quite a few of our iOS freezing issues. Are you using the most recently released iOS software? 

Hi Tyler.

Ok. It says 1.0.16180 in the buttom right corner. Is that the newest software?



Try updating I have 1.0.16400 which is the most recent:


Hi Paul.

Thanks for the answer.

Sadly it didn’t help with an update? I think it got worse?. After one hour training Zwift had only recorded 41 minutes

I´m sitting almost next to the router so I don´t thing it´s a connection problem?

Don’t know if there’s been anything further on this… but I’m a new user on an iPhone 6s+ and in a week I’ve had a freeze almost every day. They seem to be tied to interacting near the end of a workout. Two were when I tried to use a Bluetooth keyboard and today when I tried to take a picture, the screen went white and never came back. I’ve been able to recover most of the data via the .fit files but at this point I don’t have a single completed workout to my credit due to the crashes. I’m also using the Apple Watch for heart rate and don’t know if that’ contributing to the problem (seems flakier than I’d like). I’m on the latest build (1.0.19737)