Zwift Watopia - App lock up/Crash

Hello Clever Zwift People.  Just to feed back the I experienced my first ever system lock up last night.  Running an iMac.  You can no doubt check out my system remotely to check it’s capabilities.  About 20.20 BST I lost all names from the riders list on RHS except me.  It carried on working for a few minutes - I thought maybe someone had reset the server or something your end - I have seen this happen once before but the names all came back after a few seconds.  I carried on riding and waited but the list of names did not reappear.  At 20.28 the screen froze on me.  I carried on riding for a bit but nothing reset or returned to normal so I stopped riding.  About another 5 minutes later the program unlocked and the avatar rider obviously came to a stop and got off the bike as is the normal when stopping.  I selected the “Done” button to exit and save and I got the mac spinning beach ball of death for a minute or two.  It then presented the “Save to Strava” Screen and I selected “Save to Strava” and again got the spinning beach ball of death - This went on for about 5 minutes but eventually it closed the program down and I was presented with the desktop.  The ride never got saved by the looks of it and nothing has appeared on Strava.  So as I say, just to feed back in case you have any data your end that may indicate what happened.  This is the first time I have experienced a problem.  Keep up the good work.

Sounds like your’s died a slower death than mine. On My macbook it just froze then crashed all within 5 seconds at about 22km into my ride. Couldnt be bothered after that. At least I got a PB the lap before.

Mark and Brett, please submit a support ticket with your relevant log files as well as your Mac specs (OS version, CPU speed, graphics chip information, RAM).


BTW: Your .FIT files live in Documents > Zwift > Activities for manual uploads to Strava.

Done and Submitted.

Done & Submitted - Thanks Eric

I had similar results but the crash was related to idiocy on my part.  I forgot to plug in my MAC.  So the computer shuts down and I’m looking at my black screen in front of me, and my power cord coiled up on the floor; mocking me.  Once the computer was plugged and woke up the game was still running, but I only saw myself in the riders list.  It was also having a hard time pairing my speed, cadence and hear monitor, and when I started riding,  the game never responded.  It was prompting me to save to strava or discard.  I didn’t want to discard 18 miles, but I wasn’t done riding, but I had to save and start over. 

What I wanted was an option to save, but to start again where I was when the computer shut down/crashed.  So this is more of a feature request to have an option to start from last location and add to previous ride.

I think i know what my problem was to cause the crash. I was mirroring the imac air screen to the TV screen, when previously I would have it set to 2 screens, therefor less rendering power for the graphics card to process, which is not really up to spec anyway, even though it’s only 3.5 years old.

was there any update on this Mark?