Zwift crashing on iPad Air


Zwift has crashed now 3 times this week :frowning:

Twice on workouts and once during a free ride which I had been riding for over 2 hours.

I have an iPad Air, Tacx Bushido and wahoo blue tooth Heart rate monitor. The last crash occurred whilst on the Mountain route, the program just quit without any warning. On each occasion I restarted zwift and I was asked if I wanted to continue my ride, I chose yes but it just started from 0 and I lost my ride. I have saved a link to my log file below.

I really love Zwift and now there are quite a few riders in my local club using it.

please help



I forgot to mention that on my last two rides I did not get any RPM data even though it said it was connected to the Bushido.

My friend also bought a Bushido and has been using it with his PC and he has had no problems apart from the occasional login delay.

This is best as a support ticket rather than a forum post. I’ve created a ticket for you from this post.