Zwift Laptop Bluetooth: COnnected but Zero Power

Setup: Laptop, XPS 15 running Win 10 with all updates and runtimes, connected using a well placed bluetooth dongle to a Kickr '14.

Zwift connects to the Kickr just fine however it always reads 0 Watts.
Trainer Road windows application works fine with connecting and also reporting proper power.

What is wrong with Zwift?

is this stealing the connection to Zwift? make sure the windows system bluetooth isn’t connected too.

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No. Of course I first tried with Zwift alone, and when that didn’t work my next thought was to test it with TR to make sure any Bluetooth issues themselves could be eliminated.

I make sure to fully close each application before testing with another. Restarts etc. were also done as precautionary measures.

Additionally, Zwift works fine over bluetooth when I use my Android phone to run Zwift.

That is strange that the PC can’t find the connection! You could also use the companion app to bridge the signal in a pinch.

There was a report of an issue with a program called Streamdeck recently, is that something you use?

It’s not the PC. It’s Zwift doing something funky when it pairs/communicates with the Kickr.

Like I said above Zwift does connect with the Kickr as both a power source and a controllable trainer. However, the reported watts is always 0.

Trainer road on windows does not have this issue. It both connects and gets a power reading.

Have i tried ANT+? Of course - the issue with the ANT+ connection is that Zwift largely fails to switch my Kickr into ERG mode so I can-t do workouts.

Let’s not all pretend that the Zwift software isn’t a dumpster fire.

When using ANT+ you need to select the ANT+ FE-C option.

Watts being reported as 0 sound like something else is connected to the trainer.

I know how to configure ANT+ mode. It occassionally works, then suddenly ERG mode drops and the trainer stops responding.

I know it may sound like something else is connected to the trainer, but that isn’t the case, otherwise why would Trainer Road work with exactly the same setup?

Look, I’ve worked as a systems engineer in the past, I’m not exactly a luddite when it comes to tech.

If the anwer was obvious it would have already occurred to me. It’s also clear that I’m far from the only one who has issues with Zwift

Sorry @Philip_Kerpen3329.

Please file a Zwift ticket. Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift