Latest Update Bluetooth Issue with Trainer Road

For years I’ve been running Trainer Road at the same time as Zwift to do workouts and collect xp. I had the latest Zwift update tonight and now Zwift is screwing with Trainer Road’s power control. Zwift connect through the phone option no longer sees my Kickr bike or HRM. Basically the update has broken something in the Zwift’s Bluetooth and the phone connection. After about 30 minutes of trying I eventually closed Zwift and Trainer Road ran perfectly. I had TR controlling power not Zwift, but it was not consistent. Using a PC.

Did you ever get it working? My Kickr is now suddenly not connecting to Zwift. I’ve tried from my phone and iPad, but neither are working. I’ve removed the app and reinstalled. Nothing. I have Fulgaz, which doesn’t have a problem finding my trainer. Really frustrating paying for an app which I can’t use.