Zwift, my Kickr and Trainer Road

I often use Zwift by itself, but also often start it with trainer road when i want a specific interval workout. I keep using zwift, because it gives me something nice to look at even when I’m suffering an interval.

When I use TR + Zwift, trainer road controls the KICKR, but the speed / watts as I go around Zwift are still relayed by the KICR. HOwever the resistance does not come from Zwift. So my iphone controls the KICKR and the KICKR tells the zwift app how many watts I am putting out. Until today.

Starting with today’'s upgrade, Zwift would frequently, suddenly take control of the KICR and the power-signal from the iphone app was being interrupted. I am guessing that this was intentional, but it’s too bad for me! was this intentional?

Is there a plan to roll-out workouts for Zwift soon? I know that there are plans, but how soon? Until then, I supposed I’ll just have to miss zwift when I am trying to get a structured workout.

According to Jon: The next update will have a configuration screen, and you’ll be able to disable Zwift controlling smart trainers like the KICKR. Until then I’m afraid it is what it is. The next update will be sometime in the next 2 weeks.

My goal with this update was to try and tackle some of the issues KICKR users were seeing with the control accidentally dropping out, so I made our grip on the KICKR tighter.

I noticed this today too for first time with update. I couldn’t get the usual setup of iPhone controlling KICKR and Zwift just reacting to work, power kept dropping/spiking all over the place.

I won’t be able to use Zwift again until this is resolved… so there are at least two of us in this boat, and maybe a lot more.

If you have a power meter on your bike I often use TrainerRoad with the Kickr paired, then simultaneously run Zwift paired to my on-bike power meter.