Trainer Road & Zwift

(Paul Clark) #1

I have a wahoo kickr and it would be really useful to use trainer road at the same time as Zwift so I can structure my rides a little more. I’m aware that both use Ant+ and wasn’t sure if this was possible at all. I have both apps installed on my laptop and would appreciate any advice on this…


(Jon Mayfield) #2

If you have 2 USB ANT+ dongles it should work just fine.

(Paul Clark) #3

I do have two dongles so will try it. Which would end up controlling the resistance of the Kickr?

(Jon Mayfield) #4

Actually, with a KICKR that does throw a bit of a wrench into the works if you’re using TR to control it. You could probably get it to work if you start Zwift first, pair the kickr and get into the world, then start TR and let it connect and initialize the KICKR 2nd. As long as you’re using ERG mode in trainer road you might have a chance of it working.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #5

This thread might be helpful.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #6

…and this one…

(Will Ernst) #7

I haven’t actually done this yet, but I worked out a way that should work. I have a MacBook Pro with BTLE and a couple of ANT+ receivers. On the MBPr I connected the Wahoo sensors via BT and enabled TR’s TrainerRelay option using one of the ANT+ receivers. I have the other ANT+ Rx on the PC that runs Zwift and should be able to run it with the emulated power meter from TR and not worry about the two apps fighting to control.

It might be possible to do the same thing with 2 ANT+ Rx on one computer but I don’t know if the TrainerRelay mode requires a separate Tx from the Rx it uses. I can test it in a bit.

(Will Ernst) #8

So it works fine with 2 ANT+ Rx and one PC. Just fire up TR first, enable TrainerRelay, then in Zwift you would make sure to connect to the ID of the emulated power meter and not the Kickr.
I didn’t actually test ride though. I just tested binding the devices.

(Paul Clark) #9

Thanks everyone. I have 2 dongles so will try it out. Will the trainer (Kickr) simulate the Zwift terrain and climbs etc or the trainer road session? I basically want to complete some structured training on zwift so it seems like it maybe possible.

(Will Ernst) #10

That’s the reason for using the TrainerRelay rather than just connecting both apps to the Kicker. With TrainerRelay Zwift only sees a power meter and isn’t connected to the Kickr. In theory (like I said I haven’t actually used it in a session) Trainer Road should control the Kickr allowing you to do a TR workout while touring around Zwift Island. Zwift will adjust your speed based on the grade and your reported power but won’t adjust the resistance of the Kickr.

(William Harris) #11

I use both at the same time and, yes, it makes the workouts go much faster. I bring up the Zwift software (Ant+) and then I bring up Trainer Road using Bluetooth. My sensors are Wahoo dual band sensors. Works great. For some reason, if I bring up TR first (using Bluetooth), and then Zwift, Zwift will not see the Ant+ dongle. It’s been a great way to enjoy Zwift while still getting my structured workouts. wch

(Paul Clark) #12

I tried this last night but as one of my Ant+ dongles wasn’t version 2 I couldn’t get both working together. So from the comments I can do the following?

  1. Run Zwift and connect to Kickr via Ant+
  2. Run TR on same laptop and connect to Kickr via Bluetooth?

Once I’ve done this I will be able to follow the workouts on TR but cover the mileage around Zwift Island at the same time…

(D azed.and.confused) #13

Can I use my phone (ANT+ and bluetooth enabled) as a second ANT+ stick for my computer (either connected through bluetooth or directly via USB cable)? I have a Garmin cadence/speed unit and Powertap (both transmitting ANT+ signal)