Swift with Trainer Road?

OK I literally JUST purchased a Wahoo Kickr and am planning to use Trainer Road. Howver I was looking at ZWIFT and was curious if I am riding TR workouts can I do it while online in teh ZWIFT world?  DOes this make sense?  I am just trying to figure outif its worth me giving it a shot.

…or any integration with the Sufferfest videos?  Ive never used or seen those only read about them.


it is possible.  You would just run the trainer road realay.

get 2 ANT + dongles.

I have (and do) use Zwift with TrainerRoad. It does require two ANT+ sticks though. The other question is how useful/necessary that will be once Zwift releases workout mode hopefully here in the very near future.

With regard to Sufferfest videos, I’m not really sure how integration there would work since Zwift and the 'fest vids are essentially trying to do the same thing but different ways. Sufferfest videos are fun but all they are really trying to do is distract you from the suffering on the trainer. Zwift with workout mode would make Sufferfest vids kind of redundant IMO.