Moving from Trainerroad to Zwift

I am paying a subscription on Trainerroad and Zwift at the moment but thinking of just moving completely to Zwift (especially now that they have workouts) but how do I still use my sufferfest videos ??? 


Any thoughts please?

You don’t? Trainer Road and Sufferfest have a particular integration which I assume you are using? You can of course use trainer road and Zwift at the same time, but that kind of defeats the purpose?


Of course there’s nothing to stop you watching Sufferfest at the same time as riding Zwift but wouldn’t that be just a bit confusing?

Now that we have Zwift workouts, all we need is access to the workout builder and some dedicated SF fans (that includes me) to build the Zwift workout to match the SF vid. The FTP is a classic example where SF’s Rubber Glove does exactly the same thing, just needs some timing tweaks to match SF.  Why? SH bring s a whole different level of motivation, but the Zwift community with RideOns and before/after workout riding just comes together nicely.