Sufferfest Integration

This is just a feature request for the far-off - but over the years Sufferfest has been, in my opinion, the best indoor training partner available. It pushes me to efforts I don’t usually make, and recently I have been using the PeriPedals integration with my Kickr to try out a resistance matched workout.

However, if there was a Zwift/Sufferlandria alliance I think it could be incredibly immersive - especially when it came to group workouts - the one thing that Sufferfest can’t do is let you race head to head with friends whilst doing the workout. So there would need to be a group mode for Zwift, with a synchronised start - and then potentially a video-in-game stream (maybe a pay per use model for the videos). I can see this being huge for Zwifting studios - especially with the licensed music, and you would end up with a Sufferfest score based on wattage or distance.

It would not be possible to design a conventional landscape for this - as hills would have to last for 5 minutes for everyone, rather than 2km, but a visual representation with countdowns to next climb etc would be possible, and the visuals would be built around the sufferfest video.

The next challenge would then be Ghost racing against yourself, friends or KOMs - and I would guess the ultimate metric would be distance - so you could have a 50km Angels target, or however it worked.

I was thinking of something similar myself. Even just a ride based on their workouts with their music, similar to how trainerroad estimates the power you need. AI riders could make surges based on key moments in the workouts.

Aside from the technical details on workout integration, I think a Zwift/Sufferfest alliance is an amazing idea from the parallel “mythical country and it’s citizens (Sufferlandrians)” vs. “fantasy cycling world (Zwift Island)” storyline/perspective. There are so many opportunities here, including choosing the Sufferlandrian jersey and maybe being able to unlock the Darkside kit (true to requirement…only one person on the island can have it at a time, maybe for highest average wattage in a full loop or something, and adding “Sufferlandria” as a country in the listing (come on, who doesn’t want to see the bleeding eyes flag next to their avatar?). Could be cool!

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All I can do is totally echo the sentiments in this feed so far. The Idea of ‘realising’ Sufferlandria, Creating the course for ISLAGIATT, etc, is pretty mind-blowing… Do Do Do speak to David M about this - I would be surprised if there has not been some networking already :slight_smile:

At the very least a Sufferlandria Flag!

Sufferfest kit please

I fully agree, if only the recording and driving the Kickr would work from Zwift that would be great and save us big money. I currently use Trainerroad for one purpose only, to provide this functionality for Sufferfest. And all other training I do in Zwift…

I agree 100% with all the above! 

Jersey at least. Knights should be eligible for their own kit based on an individual promo code and the Darkside Kit could function as a sort of “Current Sufferlandian National Team Leader Kit” with the potential to be fought over and lost. Think Maglia Rosa or Maillot Jaune, but the national kit could be verified by a Sufferlandian account? More advertising for Sufferlandian so a cost should not be required imo…

I also agree with above comments. The sufferfest has really badass training plans, they let you really focus on specific areas. However videos after a while may be a bit repetitive. Whilst Zwift is super immersive but can t really compete yet with sufferfest for the quality of their training plans, in depth data such as 4DP integration. To zwift management, if u can do that king of integration/partnership with sufferfest you gonna kill it !

Zwift has past sufferfest a long time ago. Who wants boring videos to ride with. A sufferfest Zwift alliance would be very bad for Zwift.

It’s not all about training plans, there are people that just want to ride and however i do my training plans on my own. I don’t need anybody doing that.

The Zwift Environment is years ahead of Sufferfest. I can tape the Giro Ditalia and do training with that. Sufferfest is not more than that.