Group Training Events

(Robin Grant) #1

It would be great if you could introduce a group training mode!

It could allow group leaders to create training events - with the normal event mass start but with everyone in training mode doing the same training module picked by the group leader (with the same on-screen instructions etc you would get if you did the training module solo) - you could even make it so everyone doing the event is handicapped by FTP so they move in world based on their % effort rather than their absolute wattage, so the group stays together better and people are rewarded  for how closely they following the training instructions, not on their current FTP level :slight_smile:

I think this would be a really cool way to make training much more fun!!!

(K.C. Race3R) #2

I think that it is a GREAT idea for Zwift Event Module (ZEM) groups rides to be able to utilize some of the great functions of WORKOUT mode! We would need to think through how this would work in practice, but being able to have Sprint Start and Finish markers in new places would be a simple and excellent start. It would be great for group ride organizers to be able to set up the courses beforehand and then have multiple riders join. Great idea!! #zwiftΔriding

(Henrik Funch V5) #3

Agree, great idea !!!


(. MRBaldi Coaching T-ZHR) #4

Check out the Zwift Handicap Race page on Facebook ( - I lead a weekly training ride and a Sunday endurance ride where everybody can work in the same training zone by using a weight & height calculator. We’re also looking to expand, should anyone volunteer to lead more such rides.