Solo Race workouts (Similar to Sufferfest/Trainerroad by using FTP score)

Solo Races with Ghost Pro Riders, this would be a structured workout similar to what Sufferfest offer by using your FTP.   You could specify the duration of workout and the style of workout you are after.  Also add in some kick ass sound tracks and it would be seriously addictive…

I know there is probably quite a bit of development behind this but a great start would be, by creating an FTP workout. Then have workouts based on some preconfigured scenarios for example;

Win a stage - Keep up with Contador, Froome & Quintana as they trt to win a stage.

Sprint Stage - Be part of a lead out team, by capturing a solo Jens Voigt breakaway then be part of a leadout team.

Classics - Endurance stage workout, try and hang in there when the going gets tough and keep pace with solo attacks.

Once we have that then I think the possibilities would be awesome, like training plans and even races based on our Solo race performances. A bit like this idea

You know, that is a great idea.  I think in the future, there needs to be some consolidation or mergers with these cycling companies.  Imagine a partnership with Zwift, TrainerRoad, and the Sufferfest.  It would be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Either way, I will continue to use all of these services, but there would be lots of synergies with Zwift focusing on the social and gameplay aspects, TrainerRoad focusing on the workout/interval aspect, and the Sufferfest working on the IWBMATTKYT aspect of things.

This is a very exciting time period for cyclists!