Using Trainerroad with Zwift - help needed setting it up on Mac laptop using 2 Ant+ dongles

(Jerry Bob) #1

I need some help as i would like to use the same mac laptop computer to ride on Zwift and use workouts of Trainerroad at the same time.  i.e. i would like the resistance controlled by  Trainerroad  for workouts  but ability to ride and gain XPs/KM’s and have social interaction which Zwift provides…I would like to use my Trainerroad with Zwift using my mac laptop, Wahoo Kickr and 2 Ant+ dongles on the same laptop computer OR use Bluetooth for Trainerroad on my iphone or laptop and Zwift as normal on laptop. I have read a lot on the forums but wanted to see if i understand it correctly. 1) If i use 2 Ant+ dongles will the resistance be governed by Trainerroad automatically? I want to avoid interference of having both controlled separately, 2) when using 2 Ant+ dongles for both Trainerroad and Zwift do i have to unpair my Wahoo Kickr device from Zwift to allow for the Trainerroad to takeover? do i launch Trainer road before zwift?, 3) if I use 1 Ant+ dongle can i use the same mac laptop and have Trainerroad on bluetooth and Zwift on the 1 Ant+ dongle on the same laptop?

Any advice on how to use Trainerroad with Zwift would be very helpful. I’m just trying to use the more varied workouts that Trainerroad has but much prefer riding on Zwift.

(Lindsay Wilson) #2

When I used this set up I always started Trainer Road first  ,Enabled Trainer Relay  , paired the Kickr & set it in ERG mode  , Trainer relay will export the power data from one ANT+ stick  & Zwift will then recieve the Data thru the other . I always did this step with only one Stick plugged in so that the ANT+ stick that was located under the kickr on an extension lead was picked up by Trainer Road . Then I would plug in the other stick  ,start zwift & pair it to the signal from Trainer road ( the name of that signal appears on Trainer road when you enable Trainer Relay). This should give Trainer Road full control of Kickr with Zwift completely passive . The downside is that you have none of the functions on Zwift such as messaging & views .

This set up was sometimes problematic , if you did not get the start up right Zwift & trainer road seemed to compete for control of the Kickr, I now use a Stages power meter to supply data to Zwift   .

(Jerry Bob) #3

Did this and worked perfectly thank you Lindsey. Much appreciated. Jeff