Trainerroad and Zwift Simultaneously

I have a CycleOps Powerbeam Pro smart trainer and want to control resistance while riding in Zwift. (currently not supported) I understand that Trainerroad, in Sim mode, can be used to manually adjust resistance on the PBP. Question - will I need 2 ANT+ usb dongles; one for each?

I’ve tried to ride Zwift and Cycleops Virtual Training together and it doesn’t work. The app first launched appears to grab control of the ANT+ usb dongle.

To run TrainerRoad and Zwift at the same time, you will need 2 ANT+ sensors. I currently use this configuration for some of my trainer rides.

You can also run TR on the iOS app and if you have the BT 4.0 version you don’t even need an ant+ iOS dongle.

Ive been doing my trainerroad workouts on my iphone while using the dongle in my PC for zwift.

Doesn’t it create a conflict on your trainer since both TR and Zwift will fight to control the resistance?

I have a ‘dumb’ trainer (Kurt Kinetic Road Machine) so control of resistance is not an issue for me. I believe others have been successful at using this method with a smart trainer and perhaps they could weigh in on the matter.

I have a Kickr, I might try it but I don’t see the point. When I ride with TR I watch a movie and I go for the specific training plan, when I ride with Zwift I like the interaction with other riders and the free riding compared to TR. Different approaches. Also the effort from the TR workout will never match what happens on the screen with Zwift.

Guillaume - I recently have been using TR with Zwift to give it more structured workouts. I have a KICKR controlled by TR in ERG mode and broadcast/relay KICKR data with TR’s ANT+ TrainerRelay option. With this, I have Zwift take the power output from the TR relayed power, and not directly from the KICKR, so only TR controls my KICKR resistance and there’s no contention between Zwift.

This is a pretty sweet setup, it’s basically like being able to do perfect workout plans in the “real” world.

@Guillaume Do I need 2 ANT+ dongles w/ your setup?

@Shawn- I think you’re replying to me? I do use 2 ANT+. TrainerRoad receives and broadcast/relays from one and Zwift just receives the TR relay from the other.

@Bryan - thanks. Your setup sounds pretty cool. Riding Zwift w/ my Cycleops Powerbeam Pro without resistance control is very limiting in terms of watts output. I’ll look into your TR setup.

@Bryan - I now have TR set up like you with rebroadcast to Zwift. An additional question - I see either ERG or Slope mode in TR. I assume using Slope mode and manually changing resistance (watts) is the way to go for Zwift? If so, is there a keyboard shortcut for changing slope setting while riding? (I don’t have an iPhone and am using Windows laptop)

@Shawn - I have a KICKR so I set TrainerRoad in ERG mode. I just log in, and then just pedal until the workout is done. Everything else is automatic.

@Dickson - When you set up TR to Relay mode you will get a new ANT ID number to add to Zwift. Once you pair Zwift to that ANT ID you are all set.

@Dickson - I do set up TrainerRoad first, but mostly because I have to pick my workout and TR needs to transmit ANT+ for the relay, but I have two ANT+ dongles. There’s no contention since Zwift ends up using the “unused” dongle to get readings transmitted via TrainerRelay from the other dongle.

The TrainerRelay transmitted power shows up as a “Garmin” powermeter from Zwift’s perspective. When I’m at the intro screen, Zwift sees both KICKR and the “Garmin” powermeter as ANT+ devices available to connect to. I just pick the non-KICKR one (“Garmin”).

@Dickson - Also, since TR workout doesn’t start till you’re pedaling, once you have the TR workout selected and logged into Zwift with everything connected, you just start riding and you’re good to go. Very nice and seamless after initial setup.

hey, this is a really good suggestion! I think I am going to try it with my Kinetic InRide (BT 4.0 TrainerRoad) -> TR relay (1st Ant stick) -> Zwift (2nd Ant stick) setup as well!

I never did get to the bottom of this. When I run TrainerRoad I control the Kickr via Bluetooth. I have nothing paired through ANT+ for TrainerRoad. However, if I run TrainerRoad first, when I launch Zwift is always fails to find my ANT + dongle (whether or not I turn TrainerRelay on). If I quit TrainerRoad and restart Zwift then Zwift finds the ANT+ dongle just fine.

I have tried it around the other way too (run Zwift first) but that fails too.

To clarify, I have both ANT+ and Bluetooth dongles and TrainerRoad is configured to use Bluetooth only - so I am really confused why it appears to grab the ANT+ dongle when I run it.

Any further ideas greatly appreciated.



Thought I’d add my experience on TrainerRoad and Zwift without the need for two ANT+ dongles. I think someone mentioned it on here before but here it is again for people who are interested.

I logged on to Zwift, paired my Kickr, and then unpaired it in the bottom right hand corner of the pairing screen. The Power Meter icon in the top left of the pairing screen stayed lit, and was reading the power from the Kickr. I then started TR using bluetooth on my iPhone and started an interval workout. The iPhone controls the power on the Kickr as normal, and Zwift receives an identical power output but does not try to take control of the Kickr (because it now sees it as a power meter and not a trainer).

So the effect is what the guys above have achieved, but the Kickr is relaying the power itself rather than needing TR and 2 dongles on the computer.

For info my computer is an Asus Zenbook (so it’s on the lowest graphics setting) and I have a single ANT+ dongle linked to Zwift.

I haven’t seen what happens if you try to use the Zwift link app on the phone at the same time (I guess TR would pause/stop), but for me this is better than buying a second dongle.

Hope this survives into the final code!

More generally, great work Zwift team. This Zwift + Trainerroad combination without 2 dongles would keep me interested until there is an equivalent option to do FTP-based workouts in Zwift natively.

@Bryan - Thinking of doing setting up TR and Zift your way because I’m looking to just get on the bike and ride without setting much up [after initial set up of course]. 

Just a couple of quick questions though,

  1. when you use the 2 USB/ANT+ dongles, the TR software will be able to recognize which dongle it should use to simultaneously control the smart trainer AND ‘Relay’ data to Zwift, AND Zwift recognizes which ANT+ dongle is not being used by TR and uses it as a receiver?

  2. Could you do the same set up, but have Zwift control the trainer while you do a TR workout AND have your HRM/Cadence/Power metrics displayed via TR?