Using Zwift and TrainerRoad together

Can anyone provide details of how they get TR and Zwift to share ANT+ data? When I launched TR after starting Zwift TR could not find the ANT+ dongle.

I haven’t done it with Zwift specifically, but usually you’d need to plug in two Ant+ dongles.

I figured I might need 2 ANT+ devices (or use BlueTooth for TR and ANT+ for Zwift), but wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Are you trying to use both at the same time? I am not sure that is possible. I have not ever been able to share the ANT dongle. For example, when I need to use my Tanita scale, I have to exit the ANT agent or TR or Zwift- anything that has claimed the port. I am able to use TR as long as I exit Zwift all the way (tray icon too).

I was trying to load TR when Zwift was running so I could do a specific TR workout, but get the visuals from Zwift. Not a big deal since Zwift is going to add workout capability, so I won’t need TR to do specific workouts.

I have the same situation. I want to use my roller software to simulate a 10% slope in order to get the maximum resistance to use zwift (zwift cannot control the resistance of my roller yet). My roller software use the USB ANT+ and zwift cannot find it.

I got another ANT+ usb stick and I do the following tests:

  1. With the two ANT+ USBs connected to the PC I switch on the roller software and I simulate a 10% slope. Then I open zwift. theoretically each software manage each ANT+. But it doesn’t work, there are a lot of signal lost.
  2. I open the roller software in a PC with the ANT+ USB simulating the 10% slope , then I open zwift in another computer with the other ANT+ USB and it works!!!

PD: I test it using a virtual machine and it works too.

I can give it a try later, as I said I’ve had it work with Trainer Road and TR Companion before, but that also has two power meters transmitting.

I like the VM idea, any reason you can’t use it?

I used this afternoon a VM Reinier, it works perfectly

This seems to be working for me, two ant+ usb dongles, no further tweaking required.

I’m curious as well. I have duel monitors and want to run Zwift on one monitor and TR on the other. From these answers, it looks like it works with two ant+ dongles. It certainly does not work with only one dongle. Another thing to try would be that my power meter can transmit data via bluetooth, and my computer is bluetood compatible. I’ll see if that works.

I think I just figured it out. Why not run Trainer Road from iPad, iPhone or some mac with blue tooth 4.0, and then run Zwift from PC using ANT+ USB dongle? I’ll try tomorrow, but my mac, iPhone and iPad can access my power meter through Trainer Road.

Yep, tried it today. I use a mac device with bluetooth 4.0 (iphone or macbook pro) for trainer road and the pc ANT+ dongle for Zwift. My stages powermeter can broadcast both signals simultaneously. Had a great two-hour ride today on Zwift dictated by Trainer Road.

This morning I tried using Trainerroad and Zwift together for the first time with my relatively new KICKR. KICKR has both ANT+ and BT so I used my iPhone to run TR on the KICKR’s BT channel and Zwift on my PC with an ANT+ dongle. Worked like a charm with Zwift getting the ANT+ power numbers, but TR controlling the resistance on the KICKR. Should have calibrated first because the wattage was reading a bit high, but that was easily adjusted be upping the TR workout level to 115%. Next time I’ll calibrate the KICKR using the Wahoo Utility on the iPhone before I start up Zwift and TR.

I know I’m just replicate information but to back up what you said Alan, i had to use two ANT+ receivers:

  1. Ant dongle with my Ipad - for TrainerRoad
  2. Ant usb stick on my computer

Using Stages power meter. No issues! I discovered that if I have my bluetooth mouse in the man cave adjusting the tv (i connected my very long HDMI cable from room’s PC to big screen in the man cave to watch Zwift), it does interfere with signal so you could experience drop-outs

Can I use my phone (ANT+ and bluetooth enabled) as a second ANT+ stick for my computer (either connected through bluetooth or directly via USB cable)? I have a Garmin cadence/speed unit and Powertap (both transmitting ANT+ signal)

So is it possible to use TR and zwift on the same machine with two ant+ dongles? Not interested in using two separate devices, just want to layer TR over zwift.

Oh just noticed the idea to use a VM… I could do that, I have a VM for browser testing but it’s only Win XP (IE6). Ideal would still be 2 ant sticks rec. signal from one PM in one instance of windows.

So reading the thread, before I spend a couple of £’s on a new Garmin USB stick (I already have one), let me ask if this (in theory) will work, I use Stages Power:

  • I set up Zwift, with Trainer Road set to horizontal view at the bottom.
  • In theory, one Garmin USB stick will pick up the Stages/HR for Zwift
  • the other USB will pick up the same data for TR
  • I ride to a TR session in Zwift World while listening to the Stone Roes

Will it work? I see no reason not to apart from signal drop outs?

Yep, that should work. As I understand it ant+ power meters broadcast a signal, they don’t actively connect or receive comms back from the dongles.

I’m using two ant+USB sticks, one gets used by TR, the other by Zwift. I hear sound from Zwift, TR and my music library. So far it’s worked seamlessly for me.