Zwift and TrainerRoad together

(Mark Williams) #1

Is it possible to use Zwift and TrainerRoad together where Zwift uses ANT+ and TranerRoad uses Bluetooth? I use that setup (when running separately) and I had assumed/hoped that I could thus try out the two together. However, even though I pair TrainerRoad with my Kickr via Bluetooth (never use ANT+ for that), when I launch Zwift is complains that it can’t detect the ANT+ dongle, presumably because TrainerRoad is using it in some way (even though I am configured for Bluetooth there).

I was curious to play around with Zwift and TrainerRoad together (but not so much that I want to buy another ANT+ dongle, when Bluetooth is working just fine).

Any ideas?




(Brett Martin) #2

I have done that exact thing and just finished the ride just now. i set trainer road to pick up power from my kickr via bluetooth. then i checked in the device settings for it to allow trainer relay. This then rebroadcast the power as ant+, then i logged into Zwift and told it to pick up power from my usb, i had the option of using power from kickr or from my garmin vectors. i chose kickr at this time(to keep the wattage the same until they do the update where i can control my kick from my vectors). The cadence I used come from the vectors.

So I followed a trainer road power profile on my macbook screen, whilst i had a 2nd monitor (my TV screen) playing zwift.


(Kyle Polansky) #3

Perhaps try starting Zwift first so that it will grab the ANT+, and then open TrainerRoad so that it won’t take control of the ANT+ stick. Another solution might be to start TrainerRoad without an ANT+ stick plugged in, and then plug in the stick when starting Zwift. Perhaps if you have 2 ANT+ sticks laying around, you could try plugging one in when starting one program, and the 2nd when starting the 2nd program. Also, check to make sure your power meter can transmit on both Bluetooth and ANT+ at the same time, many devices can only do one or the other. Hope this helps! Let us know if you can get it working.

(Brett Martin) #4

Even if TR does grab the ANT+. Go into devices and deselect it from there. It should show up under bluetooth as well within devices if it has synced up. Then load up zwift. Either way should work.

(Shawn DeBoer) #5

I ride a Cycleops Powerbeam Pro trainer (finally w/ Zwift resistance control) and TR together as well.  It requires 2 ANT+ dongles.  I start TR first and use the Trainer Relay option/checkbox.  Then fire up Zwift and set Power to the TR relay device code rather than the PBP.  With this I have the benefit of TR structured workouts along with the visual/social aspects of Zwift.  Alternatively, I can now ride the PBP on Zwift with full resistance control.  Very nice feature enhancement.