Kickr and Zwift working

(Vernon McDonald) #1

I’ve read multiple posts about Kickr problems.  So, here’s one about it working.  I’ve been using TrainerRoad for several months.  In fact used it yesterday morning (erg mode).  I then started the kickr app on my iphone, changed the setting to sim (I left the app running as if I was doing a workout) and then started up Zwift.  Had no problems throughout my ride.  Resistance changed according to the grade and my pace.  Completed a one hour ride this morning with no problems with the  identical process.

(Azari Arrocha) #2

Vernon if I understand well what you say, for the Zwift to control the resistance on the Kickr I need to have the Kickr (Wahoo) app on my phone running in Sim?

Right now the I’m using the app on Level 3 and the Zwift basically recognizes the Kickr as a powermeter and it does not control the resistance.

Thanks in advance for your any input you can provide.