Wahoo app no longer controls the Kickr in Zwift!

(Michael MtnBkr (CO) USMES / ZSUN) #1

I’ve been a Zwifter for over a year and use the Wahoo app to control resistance or power level while riding in Zwift.  This is extremely helpful when riding long downhills since I spin out on my Kickr (cadence over 120) due to the low downhill resistance (I’m slender).  However, ever since the latest Zwift update (volcano course) the Wahoo app no longer controls the Kickr while riding in Zwift.  I can engage resistance, slope, or erg mode and it works for a few seconds, but then immediately switches back to sim mode.  Outside of Zwift, the Wahoo app controls the Kickr just fine, but with Zwift running, it seems like Zwift immediately defaults the Wahoo app to “sim” mode.  Please help!

(Eltjo Biemold ZSUN (B)) #2

Would love to see this is fixed in next update.