Can’t control KICKR over bluetooth via the IOS Zwift Mobile Link app or wahoo app

(DR. Kid Millionaire) #1

Usually I do some workouts on zwift after free riding for 20-30 mins. I do this by controlling zwift/kickr through the Wahoo app. So I can keep my watts constant  with out having to change gears. Today I tried to use the wahoo app to control my kickr but Swift kept overriding my wahoo app controls. 

How Do I control my kickr through the new updated Zwift app? 

I didn’t see how I could control my watts on the new  Zwift mobil app. 

Also I the app kept dropping my connection and I had to reload it multiple times during my ride. Pain in the butt. 

(Kristof De Bruecker) #2

I noticed the same “issue” since their last update. I always used the ERG mode to control my wattage, but now as you mentioned, Zwift puts it every time back on ERG.

I hope that they can put this back how it was. :frowning:

(Matt Sharpe) #3

Had the same issue as well. Previously, Zwift would override the Wahoo app and switch back to sim mode maybe once or twice at the very beginning of a ride, but last night it was nonstop. Frustrating. 

(Jay Z | NYC) #4

Hah. Felt like I was having an issue this morning but wrote it off as just looking for an excuse that my legs were the real problem…


However, a discussion on FB makes it clear that I wasn’t imagining things.

Will be watching this ticket.

(Allan Benchetrit) #5

I believe this can be resolved through a combination of either unpairing the Kickr/SNAP on the Zwift welcome screen and/or turning off the Zwift mobile app. Worked for me.