No watts recorded on Thinkrider A5

I’m trying to use Zwift with my new ThinkRider A5. It pairs successfully, as a powermeter, but won’t record any watts at all, so I don’t move on my rides.
How do I get the watts to record?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Tom_Jayes

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Can you give us a bit more info. Guide to Getting Useful Support

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Of course, thanks for taking the time.

I’m using a PC, with Windows 10 home. The Zwift version is 1.0.55226 (I think, it went by fast. I downloaded it today anyway).
I’m not sure what a companion app is…do I need one?
I’m in Brussels, but my internet connection is solid. (~50 Mbps)
I’m using a ThinkRider A5, and when I connect I seem to get the option to connect via Bluetooth or ANT plus. I’ve tried both, with the same problem.
I haven’t found any firmware update, but will keep looking.

Thanks again for any advice.
Edit - ThinkRider, not freerider…

If you are in the paring screen, see if the power number change while pedaling, you should see that change.

Do you have a active subscription.

Thanks Gerrie,
No, in the pairing screen I get a strong bluetooth signal, the name of the trainer, and 0 Watts when pedalling.
No, I don’t have an active subscription. I wanted to check that it works before signing up, but could this be why there are zero watts showing?
I’m worried that if I pay for something it might still not work.

No even if you are not paying you should see watts in the pairing screen.

Are you trainer paired to your phone or pc or any other device. Bluetooth can only talk to one device at a time. Unpair and forget the trainer from all devices including your pc.

Thanks again.
I’ve tried unpairing and disabling bluetooth from my phone and pc. (The only bluetooth-enabled devices in the vicinity). I attach photos of the pairing screen. Even with bluetooth off, I can connect using ANT+, but still no Watts!
P.S couldn’t share screenshot (can’t embed media items in a post)
P.P.S I’ve tried this same setup now with a Zwift rival, with the exact same problem. I might have to return the trainer.

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