Cannot ride no watts

Just became a member and completed all pairing with unlisted trainer and Lezyne hrm, cadence and speed sensors all recognised but when I go into the game to start riding my rpm and hrm show but no watts and cannot ride -

Ok, need a like more info.

What trainer are you using?
What Speed and Cadence sensor?
What device are you using to run Zwift (PC, Mac, iOS, AppleTV or Android)?
Pics of your Pairing screen would be very helpful.Any additional info could be helpful.

Lezyne hrm, speed and cadence sensors - all ble
The trainer is unbranded so I logged as unlisted.
Zwift pairs all sensors and when you go to ride only hrm and rpm are showing and no watts showing so unable to move in the game
Tried using it on iOS and windows pc

Can you post a pic of the pairing screen (this is very helpful in assisting you).
I just want to verify everything is paired correctly.

Can you use a different app to ensure the the speed sensor is working?

I have tried on unlisted as well as the trainer listed

Are you still on the trial?

If watts isn’t showing then either the connection to Zwift is severed in some way or your trainer is just not registering Watts.

Which trainer are you using specifically, even if it is unlisted?

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I was early evening but it is showing active member. I will try again this evening

It is unbranded with rear magnet and cable to front with gears

I had a similar issue with my powermeter talking to zwift. Everything looked ok and was showing as paired etc but no watts were registering in the game. Turned out the battery in my powermeter was flat doh :frowning: The giveaway was that my Garmin was also registering 0 watts when connected to the powermeter.

That looks like a lifeline-tt-01 trainer.

Same cables, same control thing for your handlebars.

The lifeline tt-01 is listed in the swift app.

Not that this will make any difference.

I had no watts showing on tuesday just before. Group ride. I had to jump off the bike and line up the magnets, sensors again by slightly pushing them closer together and it kicked into life.


Thanks I will try all these tonight if still not works I will set up as rollers and try that

i am having the same problem yesterday was working well and today everything is pair but the avatar is not moving and shows 0 watts


Please post a screenshot of your Zwift Pairing screen while you are pedaling.

I am trying everything even pair with kinetic fit app but in there shows me cadence and speed and not power i dont know what i did :frowning_face:

Hi @Jully_Rangel What kind of trainer are you using?

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Hello mike

Kinetic road machine smart .


Is the paring screen still the same as yesterday, it look look everything worked fine yesterday.

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does removing the apple watch have any effect on it? Unpair it and put it on the opposite side of the house from wherever you train. It could be grabbing the signal or interfering with it.

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