Zwift not registering watts

Started zwift. Got 2 minutes in, it shut my phone down. Rebooted. Now won’t register watts. Tried reinstalling Zwift app. Still having same problem.

Sounds like a pairing problem. What are you pairing to? It could be that another app in the background has grabbed the trainer/sensor.

Check that you’re paired properly in the Zwift pairing screen, and that it shows watts there where you pedal.

Strange that your phone shut down. What sort of phone is it? Possible that it overheated.

So when you’re seeing the problem, if you then go into the pairing screen, does it show watts if you pedal there?

What trainer have you got?

I was literally riding and it was working. It doesn’t show watts anywhere despite being paired. I’m on the route with my avatar. I have a wahoo kickr. Again, its not a me issue.

I think you need to be open to this being an issue with your setup, or Zwift wouldn’t be working for anyone and there are currently over 10,000 people Zwifting.

Please give us a full rundown of your setup. What phone (make sure it has the most recent Zwift updates), how are you pairing (bluetooth or ant), are any other devices (garmins or wahoo head units) or apps running in the background that can steal the signal from the trainer, other things that can cause interference like fans being too close, etc…


I have a signal. It says I’m connected. There ARE NO OTHER devices. It was working one minute and not the next.


You say it’s not a “me issue” but it seems to be only happening to you… So maybe let the kind folks here help you by giving them the info they are asking for

They may be able to help you if you allow them