Zwift Kickr Snap Weird Resistance Problem

(Rowan Morgan) #1

Zwift on Windows 10 PC. Kickr Snap 2017 updated to latest firmware. Whenever I start an interval, and crank up the cadence and watts, the resistance increases like crazy. To pedal it feels really jerky, an on/off sort of resistance until I quickly cannot pedal any more because the resistance is too high even though the target wattage is around ~450. I’m connected using the Bluetooth beta. Any help is appreciated!


(Christian) #2

Hi Rowan.

How strange,

One I might recommend is checking to make sure you’ve got the latest firmware updates installed on this trainer. You can easily do this via the Wahoo Fitness app.

Also, because the Bluetooth pairing feature on Windows is still in development, some issues should be expected. We recommend that you do NOT use the Bluetooth pairing in Windows for important races or rides. We’ve implemented this feature early for users to test and provide feedback here on the forums, so thank you!

However, I’ve also included some recommendations below that may help resolve this issue.

Ensure you have the latest Zwift updates installed.
Ensure you have the latest Bluetooth drivers installed on your PC.
Delete your ‘prefs.xml’ file (This can be found in your \Documents\Zwift folder)
Force reboot your PC.
Perform a fresh install of Zwift.

Hope this helps!