Zwift communication with Kickr snap widely erratic after latest update

After many months of smooth operation, after the last Zwift update, my Kickr Snap is no longer working with Zwift correctly. Randomly in a ride (ERG and incline), the resistance will suddenly become massive momentarily.

I have the latest Kickr firmware installed and there are no such issues when riding through the Wahoo app.

Connecting via BT through companion on 5GHz network.

What is going on? Really thinking of ditching Zwift because this is extremely annoying.

Search for the Factory Spindown procedure and see if that clears it up. My Snap was all over the place and that spindown seemed to clear the issues.

I also am having issues with the connection to my Kickr Core since the last update. States that it is paired buy the resistance changes all over the place - yesterday got easier going uphill and harder downhill then basically went into erg mode and stayed consistent after that.

Agree with Chris. Had a similar problem with Kickr Snap and spindown fixed it immediately.