Kickr snap no resistance

(Christer Bergqvist) #1


I have had the Kickr snap for aprox a month and have signed up for trial in Zwift. First time I tried it it worked as it should, but today when I joined the Zwift Race there was no resistance in the slopes, I had the same resistance all the time so I went in to menu and unpaird/paired it again but it didnt help so I quit the program and did a spindown calibration. I went in to Zwift and did a test ride and resistance worked again. So the question is, do I always have to do a spindown calibration before i go into Zwift.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Hi Christer,

Have you seen there are two spindowns for the Snap? Did you do them both?

I am doing a spindown once a month for your reference.

I have had the same issue as you described. What helped for me is to reboot all my stuff. Power of the Kickr, my computer and start all over again.

Hope this helps.