Kickr Snap resistance settings

I have a Kickr Snap that’s working out great however, I’m not sure what “difficulty” to put it at in the settings. I’ve been running it at 100%, but it is way tougher than real world climbs at that setting. It’s not a bad thing since getting out on the bike feels easier because of it, but just curious if anyone knows what would make it feel closer to reality. Also I do a spindown before every ride so I’m pretty sure it’s a Zwift setting not a calibration issue.

I have noticed the same thing. Even after calibration, the trainer feels way tougher than it should!

I’ve messed with it a bit and it either feels way to easy if its less than 100 or way harder at 100. So I’ve just been running it at 100 and that makes it feel easier when I actually get the chance to go out and ride. I cant say that’s a bad side effect.