Which difficulty setting does everyone have Zwift set to when using a Kickr?

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently changed my turbo trainer from a BKool to a Wahoo Kickr. The Kickr seems to be easier to pedal with than the BKool. While this could be put down to the fact that the Kickr doesn’t need a rear wheel (less resistance as a result), I wondered if it’s also because I’ve not set the difficulty slider in the Zwift settings high enough.

Which setting represents the most realistic representation? Mine is currently set in the middle, in the same position it was in when I downloaded the program. Any advice would be much-appreciated!

The most “realistic” setting would be to the far right. But a less realistic setting does not make the cycling lighter. You will have to produce just as much Watts to get the same speed in every setting.

In the realistic setting you need to go through the gears when hitting a hill - it raises the resistance when you go up a hill. The more to the left you set the slider, the less you have to switch gears. But the more your speed will drop at the same cadance.

The setting to the left might feel easier, because it is somewhat smoother - you can keep pedaling at the same cadance and power, you wont feel the speed dropping and raising. While on the realistic setting you feel every chance in slope as a change in resistance - interrupting your ritme. In the end though, it needs the same wattage to do a lap in a certain time.  

(The setting at the left is also usefull for people with brakes with less resistance, or bikes with less gears).

My Kickr was set at 100% in Zwift until they opened the mountain route.  I’ve since moved it back to about 80%.  Eventually I’ll move it back to 100%.