Issue with resistance


I’ve been using Zwift for a couple of years on a Kickr Snap with no major issues until a couple of weeks ago. Every so often I did a spin down using the Wahoo utility app if I changed the tyre or inflated etc.

About a month ago I logged on and the resistance was really high, drifting slowly along and pushing 300+ watts. I performed a spin down which reset to level 2 which seemed to fix the issue.

I’m now having the same problem pretty much every time I log on, does anyone know what causes this as it’s annoying and seems odd that I never had the issue and now it happens every time I want to use the Zwift?!

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried a Factory Spindown?

Also, changing temps can play havoc with the Snap. Are you in a natural environment with temps going up?

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the suggestion- how do you do the factory spin down? Weather could be the issue, my set-up is outside in a shed and weathers been all over the place for the past couple of months.

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