Resistance increases during ride at same cadence and grade!

Hello! During my last two weeks of racing, my Kickr Snap trainer would keep applying so much resistance that everything felt like an uphill climb. Actually, last night the ride felt like a constant series of 15 second hills - uuuuupppp and doooownn - such that the resistance would increase even at the same cadence on the same grade and decrease over and over in a maddening pyramid format. I had this problem in July as well and can’t for the life of me figure out how I resolved it, but I did. I think I was riding on FE-C for my power and controllable (via ANT+ dongle) last night. I had calibrated through Zwift before riding, too. After the race I calibrated through Wahoo, but I’m not sure it made a difference. Wondering if I should do a factory reset? Any information you have is much appreciated!

Always calibrate via Wahoo App. If the problem occurs again do the Factory Spindown. You will have to Google for directions…I have forgotten how.

If Factory Spindown does not work or you having to do it frequently…contact Wahoo.

I used to ride a Snap and it was acting up pretty horribly. the Factory Spindown took care of the issue.

Getting ready to do the factory spindown now! Thank you