Zwift keeps stopping during the ride

Very frustration the app stops many times during the ride. I have tried everything I know.
About ready to trash the program.

Give us the full run down of your setup and the actual issue.

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  • System: iMac 12.0.1 Monterey
  • Trainer: Travel Track Fluid Comp (Dumb trainer)
  • Hardware: Zwift dongle connected to iMac (10 feet from trainer)
  • Router: Currently running 5.0 and have tried 2.4 with same results
  • Sensors: Heart,Speed, Cadence all connect and work as they should

Note: I have been a Zwift user for many years with the same set-up. I took the system down during the season and re-connected to Zwift several weeks ago when the issues started.

  1. When I launch Zwift (Click Let’s go) it now takes over a minute to go through the cute blue screen with all the phrases on the bottom.
  2. As I begin to pedal, all is well for about 3 miles then the avatar begins to slow down and comes to a stop. Sometime it will restart but most times I have to reboot the app. Very frustrating when you’re in the middle of a workout and have to start over.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Jim Day

Are you getting a connection error message in the top left of the screen?

Sounds to me like you’ve an issue with the Ant+ connection.

Please run your log file through Zwiftalizer which will identify any such issue.

I don’t know how or to run logs through zwiftalizer

Jim Day

  1. Run your Internet browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Create account & sign in (free)
  4. Click in the big box to browse for files.
  5. Navigate to the Zwift folder and then into logs.
  6. Select the log from the session you had issues (they are all date and time stamped)
  7. Analyse the results.

There will be a section with regards to ANT+ connectivity. See if this reports any issues.

I note you don’t appear to be using an extension lead to move your dongle closer to the trainer. This is a must have. Biggest cause of intermittent dropouts in Ant+
Whilst appreciating you had a working setup it could be your imac is now a fraction further away than previously and this causing the issue.
I went for 8 months with my dongle directly in my computer, one day I just started having issues yet nothing had changed. Fitted an extension and never had an issue since.