Quitting unexpectedly during ftp short

Hi zwift keeps crashing on me during rides which makes it unusable. It’s crashed twice on two ftp short tests, lost all power transmission on another ride so thought I had no power output, and has frozen mid ride a couple of times in the last week. Please help! I’m running on an iMac with sierra, new kickr with latest firmware, garmin ant dongle and garmin ant hrm (which keeps getting unpaired).

Are you using a USB extension cable for the ANT dongle? Having it plugged in on the backside of an iMac ends up blocking a lot of the transmission causing the power output drops. 

Something like this is what most people use:



Hi yes I have a 3m cable so the dongle sits next to the bike as I’d read before other people finding it best to have the dongle next to the kit. So it must be something else.

Hrm, when you say it crashed, do you actually get a crash screen with a “REPORT” button?  If so, can you click report and then copy all the funky computery looking stuff into here?  It could tell us what might be going on with your mac.

Have you tried using bluetooth yet on your mac?  If your iMac isn’t too old we support using built in bluetooth to control a KICKR, altho it won’t read your ANT+ HR strap.

I’m getting the same problem. My Ant+ USB is plugged into my keyboard to stop interference I get about 3 miles into the ride and Zwift completely quits. I’ve got an Imac with El Capitan 10.11.6. I link everything through Bluetooth except my heart monitor. I’ve tried different combinations but it doesn’t work.