Jerky and then it stops completely

My Zwift has been jerky for a couple of days.
It recognizes Watts, cadence, etc at first. Then I ride for a few seconds only
and then my avatar stops.
Have not been able to ride for the past couple of days.

I downloaded the app again, restarted my Mac, etc…but problem persists.

Tell us more about your setup - what trainer, how it’s connected, etc.

It’s a Tacx Neo connected via bluetooth to an IMac.
I’ve been doing everything as always. Today I decided to reinstall the Zwift App and restart the iMac. At the g]beginning I thought it solved the problem as the Zwift app recognized everything, including watts & cadence and it seemed fluid, but my ride only lasted 40 seconds. Then my avatar stopped and as others riders went by, it became jerky again.

I don’t know much about Macs but what you are describing sounds like some sort of CPU throttling activity happening. As if your Mac is heating up in the 40 or so seconds you are running Zwift and to protect itself the Mac is throttling the CPU. Is this something you can check?

Thanks Kat. Will look into that.

distance from trainer to iMac?

anything >1m and you may experience connection issues / dropouts etc.

get an extension dongle & place sensor right next to trainer if possible

This can’t be true a bike is longer than 1m so that would mean you couldn’t even have a computer in front of your set up.

Bt shouldn’t suffer dropouts at that range unless it’s caused by interference.

To experiment you could purchase an ant+ dongle to see if that too suffers.

Is your firmware up to date on the Neo? There have been issues with BT dropouts on the Neo which were addressed in a firmware update but a small number of users still report issues.

it is very true - if using a computer, you should be buying a USB extension cable and placing your sensor as close as possible to your trainer.