Speeds dropping and ride briefly stopping

Good morning, I recently went from a Kinetic In-Ride “dumb” trainer to a Kinetic Smart trainer. The In-Ride worked great, the Smart trainer not so much.

While riding my speed will drop to near -0- and the ride stops. I keep pedaling and it then picks up again, only to repeat the slow-down/stop a little later. This happens on and off during the entire ride.

The Smart trainer has been calibrated in the Kinetic Fit app and I am using the latest FW.

I connect to ZWIFT using my 4K Apple TV. I use the ZC app to keep track of things.

This is very frustrating, I am ready to send the Kinetic Smart trainer back.



Sounds like a bluetooth dropout. How did you connect the In-Ride to Zwift prior to owning the smart trainer? Has anything else changed?

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I have the same problem, I just keep going and it seems get going again still don’t know whats going on. Good luck

I’ve had similar problems with the Apple TV 4K. I find it’s helpful to terminate the app after a ride. To do this, double click on the menu button and then swipe up on the Zwift app to kill it.

Hi Mike. Nothing has really changed. You may be ride about BT losing contact, but the set up is identical. Direct BT connection from the Kinetic Smart trainer to my Apple TV. Like I wrote earlier, it is very frustrating. Hoping that someone will offer a solution.

I meant to write, “you may be right about BT drop… .”

Larry, which smart trainer are you using?

James, which trainer are you using? Has your work around solved the problem?

I have the original kickr. Sometimes if I don’t terminate the app from a previous ride, on the next ride, I’ll get no resistance from the kickr.

I noticed that as well yesterday morning - with a kickr core

losing BT connection than back and so on for about 30 minutes - no apple tv though

I used bluetooth with my Windows 10 laptop for a long time and it was always very unreliable. I would have dropouts numerous times during a ride. I never pinpointed what the cause was, sometimes if my kids were using their tablets upstairs I would notice the problem got worse. Sometimes it worked flawlessly too. It seemed completely random. I’ve read others say they have dropouts when someone uses the microwave, and fluorescent lights can interfere too as they use a 2.4ghz signal. It could also be your wifi router, try changing it to a different channel.

I switched to ANT+ a few months ago and never have dropout issues. I don’t think that is an option with Apple TV however. Too bad if it isn’t as ANT+ is so much better for Zwift.

Hope you figure it out!


wahoo edge

London Tour (Long) 20:00 hrs GMT 12/12/2019
Lost power a few minutes into ride and could not exceed 4 kph - this rectified itself after about 2 minutes but happened again 13 km into the ride, this time it did not rectify and I had to leave the event. Anyone aware of this sort of technical problem and if so are there was to fix this problem? I did see an error code when I first logged in (not sure what its was), I clicked ‘yes’ and I was then able to enter into the event. Thanks, JD
Using Wahoo Kickr

You should be able to put your log file into Zwiftalizer.com and look for trainer dropouts.

Gerrie, I did. But it shows me what I already know, that there are points in the ride where the ride slows then stops. The analysis is a good starting point, what I now need is a solution before I go too crazy. The Kinetic In_Ride “dumb” trainer worked great. The Kinetic Smart Trainer not so much. Thankfully, winters in California are never too long or too cold, so I can go back on the road where I only have to worry about getting squashed by a car driven by a motorist texting on his/her cellphone. :flushed:

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Look at this it may help you find out why you have dropouts.

Yep, I hear you EJ. I bought an R1 and the experience with it in Zwift is horrid. Kinetic Trainer App and Trainer Road are fine…Zwift not so much, not even with everything on ANT+, Bluetooth disabled etc. fortunately any of the training apps aren’t needed for more than 2 months where I am in California.

Thanks for ANT tip I will try next time
I get similar 1-5 sec Bluetooth drops on a win 10 laptop and kicker