Problem with Bluetooth and my trainer setup

I’m about to cancel my subscription if I cant resolve my issue and this is already my second season of having this issue:

I have the following hardware/setup

Apple TV
IPhone for companion app
Kinetic R1 direct drive trainer
Wahoo Tickr

I have done the following:
updated my firmware through the help of kinetic support

My Issue:
When i try to connect my trainer and HR monitor to my Zwift on the apple TV nothing shows up. Sometimes ill work on it for 30+ min then sometimes i finally get it to appear. i shut everything down and reconnect and only sometimes it will work. I don’t have any other Bluetooth devices connected except for what i put above. i play with the BLE toggle switch on the companion app and it sometimes works.

I have Trainer Road as well and every-time I connect to it I never have any issues.
Also when i connect to the Kinetic app it connects every-time.

Sounds like you are still connected to TR or the KK app. Make sure all your BT connections are disconnected prior to Zwift.